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As a company that produces with a "human-oriented health philosophy", we offer our employees a long-term working experience where they feel valued, can develop by revealing their knowledge, skills and potential, and achieve success thanks to their progress.

While maintaining the values of trust, benefit and merit that every family should have within our corporate culture, we communicate with our employees in the light of these values. In our international activities, we maintain these values and train teammates who can keep up with global competition.

As one of Turkey's largest generic pharmaceutical companies, we support all our employees who add value to our production and development. 
We produce for the whole world with our experienced, well-equipped and devoted employees who have a good knowledge of the sector.

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Career Opportunities

While basing our perspective in human resources management on the understanding of "People First", we believe that every employee adds strength to our power. Because we are inspired by our employees while determining our strategy for the future.


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Recruitment Process

We include candidates who we believe can add value to our company and our sector, who are suitable for our corporate culture, who are qualified and have the potential for development into the Humanis Family by observing the principle of equal opportunity.

Corporate Development and Learning
We attach importance to the impact of creating an organisational culture that is open to learning in order to achieve our goals, and in this direction, we support the trainings that support the development of our employees.

Career Management
With our career model that unlocks the potential of all our employees, we observe equal opportunity in appointment and promotion processes and prioritise our internal employees for newly vacant positions.

Performance Management
As a company that adopts the Management by Objectives approach, we implement a transparent and objective performance management system to provide feedback on the performance and development of our employees on the basis of business objectives.

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