Providing healthcare solutions with a human-centered philosophy


To be a trusted and beloved healthcare brand

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  • In our business processes, 'ethical values' are paramount.
  • Honesty, transparency, fairness are our foundation.
  • Our reputation is our greatest asset. We carefully preserve it.
  • We establish relationships based on trust and keep our promises.
  • For success, 'hard work', 'humility', 'thrift', and 'discipline' are essential.
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To be Helpful

  • Our business provides benefit to society and all stakeholders, creating value.
  • We meet the expectations of our stakeholders according to their correct needs.
  • We focus on a better future and act responsibly towards the environment and society with the approach of "Happy is the one who provides a cure for a problem."
  • With the principle of corporate citizenship, we primarily generate corporate social responsibility projects in the areas of "health, culture and art, and education."
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Human Value, Merit

  • Human is the most important value. Our relationship with our 'companions on the journey' is based on 'trust, love, respect'; their existence and efforts are very valuable.
  • Working with competent, honest, and righteous individuals is our fundamental principle, and continuously improving their professional experiences is part of our job.
  • In our business, in our decisions regarding people; 'merit, respect for differences, justice' are decisive. We ensure its adherence to principles rather than individuals. The satisfaction of our employees is very important. We act accordingly.
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Global Competition

  • Our competition understanding, respectful to human and nature, is sustainable and global.
  • We develop our business in the context of 'cost, quality, time' measurement, most effectively.
  • Our business steps pioneer change in the sectors we operate; we are open to innovative ideas; we courageously support new entrepreneurial actions.
  • Universal clarity, simplicity prevails in our information flow, applications.
  • Our quality level is at the top line of national and international standards.
  • Concluding our business in the fastest way possible is our fundamental way of doing business. In a flexible structure, we possess 'business agility' in our decision-making processes.
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