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Our Production Facility

Our experience enables us to formulate our strategies not only by focusing on the present, but also by thinking about the future. Thanks to this understanding, we have established our production base in Çerkezköy on a very large land of 108,000 m². Thus, when we need to expand our closed production facility, which currently has an area of 45,000 m2, we have the capacity and capability to take quick action.

Our production base, which has an annual production capacity of 330 million boxes, has been awarded GMP (Good Manifacturing Practices) certificates from Germany, Russia and Canada. All areas in our production facility, which makes a difference with its ISO 14001 certificate and technological equipment, are managed and controlled by the Smart Building Management System. 

In our production facility;
Solid production: Tablets, coated tablets, effervescent tablets, capsules, and
Semi-solid production: Pomade, cream and gel forms, and
Liquid Production: Syrup, suspension, lotion, spray and enema 
forms are produced.

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  • Production is made in tablet, coated tablet, effervescent tablet, capsule forms.


  • Pomade, cream and gel forms are produced.


  • Syrup, suspension, lotion, spray and enema forms are produced.

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Our R&D Center

In our modern R&D Centre in our facility in Çerkezköy, we research and develop to add value to life.

Built on a 3,200 m² area, our R&D Centre is Turkey's 9th pharmaceutical R&D centre approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. In our centre, studies are carried out in the fields of Clinical Development and Patent, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Process Development and CTD (Common Technical Document) Registration File Preparation.

Our R&D centre, which aims to nurture the university-industry cooperation that develops the Turkish pharmaceutical industry and to develop products with innovative approaches in different therapeutic areas, has an expert and experienced personnel and a high-tech equipment park. Thanks to its technical infrastructure, it develops generic and innovative products that respond to the changing and developing needs of the national and international pharmaceutical industry in compliance with ICH EMEA and QbD regulations.

Our R&D centre develops "effective, high quality, reliable and stable" products by following our project management practices with our experienced personnel who hold doctorate and master degrees in their respective fields.

•    Pharmaceutical Product Development
•    Analytical Development
•    Clinical Development and Patenting
•    Process Development and Optimisation
•    CTD Licence File Preparation

For cooperation proposals and information sharing, you can contact the responsible persons by sending an e-mail to or

Strategic Co-operations

Thanks to our high service standards, solution-oriented approach and state-of-the-art automation equipment, we are the production partner of global companies in Turkey. We sign local, regional and global collaborations with multinational companies and provide solution partnership for the production needs of international companies in Turkey.

With its flexible and high production capacity, we provide timely, accurate and high quality product service to the companies we cooperate with, while also providing marketing and sales service support when needed.

Our R&D, Licensing and Business Development teams, each of whom are experienced and competent in their fields, effectively carry our dynamic strength in the domestic market to foreign markets. We establish strategic business partnerships with the companies we cooperate with in mutual trust and ethical understanding, adhering to the win-win principle.

As a company progressing towards becoming one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in national and international markets, we offer innovative products and reliable generic products developed in PharmAr-Ge in our production facility designed in accordance with cGMP to the service of doctors, pharmacists and patients.

In this context;
•    We make licence agreements for reference or equivalent products.
•    We ensure that the products in our portfolio are also offered to international markets within the framework of sales and marketing agreements.
•    We provide contract manufacturing projects to national and international companies.
•    We prepare and execute joint product development projects for international markets.
•    We conclude production service agreements for international markets.
•    We make co-marketing project agreements.


For cooperation proposals and information sharing, you can contact the responsible persons by sending an e-mail to or


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