Our Story

Our Story

What makes a human human is the ability to empathize. So basically only human can understand human.

Empathy is what makes a person human. So basically, only human beings understand human beings.

Humanis, which sets out by internalising the word "Human", which lies at the basis of our existence, supports the motto of "Health and good life for everyone" thanks to its empathy ability. Knows the value of health and acts with human-oriented thinking instead of business-oriented thinking.

Being healthy is the most important thing in the world. But when it comes to health, the world is not a very fair place. In our view, being healthy and accessing health is not a privilege, but a natural right. This is why the world needs a new understanding that makes health accessible, companies that know how to empathise with people who want to live healthy lives, and volunteers who are committed to human health. Humanis, which started out with the understanding of "Blessed is the one who is a cure for a trouble.", is the future of the world in health. As the name indicates, as Humanis, we produce for human beings. We are working to deliver health to everyone, expanding globally, and investing in R&D and human resources.


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Founded to spread its technological power, innovative approaches and understanding of "Sustainable health for all" globally, Humanis was founded in 2010 as a Saya Group company under the name of Pharmactive.


In 2011, we established our factory facilities. We have established our R&D Centre.


In 2013, we launched the first products in Turkey. We purchased Delta Vita, which includes Andorex and Rhinfant products.


We received R&D Centre Certificate from the Ministry of Technology and Industry in 2014.


In 2015, we received EU GMP Certificate from Germany.


In 2016, we started to cooperate with global companies. We started contract manufacturing.


In 2017, we made our first exports to Germany, France, England, the Netherlands and many European countries. We acquired DG Pharma.


In 2019, we received Russia GMP Certificate.


In 2021, we received Canada GMP Certification.


In 2023, we completed our human-oriented transformation by adopting the name Humanis. We became the first company to export pharmaceuticals to China. We entered the consumer health sector with Asido and Minox. We opened our company in Germany.

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