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Humanis Occupational Health and Safety Policy

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Our primary goal in all our operations, especially in our production processes, is to create a "Healthy and Safe" working environment. 

Within the framework of our "Humanis Occupational Health and Safety Policy";
•    We undertake to ensure the continuity of the Occupational Health and Safety management system and to continuously control and improve our system.
•    We identify the effects of our activities on the mental and physical health of individuals in advance, identify possible risks and take steps accordingly during the implementation phase.
•    We have indispensable rules and measures to prevent our employees from contracting occupational diseases. If necessary, our operational preparations are always in place to ensure that our employees have access to preventive health and safety services such as first aid and emergency treatment at short notice.
•    Within the framework of our national legislation, we fulfil all legal obligations that concern us and all requirements requested by our stakeholders.
•    We organise activities to continuously raise awareness of our employees and the subcontractors we cooperate with on occupational health and safety issues.
•    We always provide our employees with sufficient resources to realise our Occupational Health and Safety practices. In addition, we do our best to improve our methods by receiving ideas and suggestions from our employees on the subject.


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Humanis Environmental Policy

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Our primary goal in all operations, especially in our production processes, is to make our activities environmentally and socially sensitive. In order to realise this objective, we set the principles of energy efficiency and zero waste as our starting point. 

Within the framework of our "Humanis Environmental Policy";
•    In order to eliminate the negative impacts of our activities on the environment at the source, we define environmental dimensions, identify risks and implement proactive actions.
•    We aim to ensure the continuity of our environmental management system and commit to continuous improvement through reviews.
•    We plan projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and natural resource consumption resulting from our activities, thus we support minimising our energy and water use and using natural resources in the most efficient way.
•    Within the framework of national legislation, we fulfil all legal obligations concerning the sector and all requirements requested by stakeholders.
•    We provide sufficient resources for our employees and the subcontractors we cooperate with to receive training on environmental protection, and support activities to raise awareness.
•    In order to reduce and/or reuse the wastes that may arise as a result of our activities, we consider continuous improvement at the highest level in issues such as prevention and/or separate collection of wastes at source, recycling and reuse.
•    We ensure that necessary measures are taken to minimise and continuously improve the environmental impact that may arise from the discharges of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as a result of production activities.
•    As a pharmaceutical company that shapes its environmental policies within these frameworks, we hold "Zero Waste" and "Green Energy" certificates.

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Humanis Quality Policy

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Our quality policy is based on the satisfaction of the parties and the sense of responsibility towards the world. We have established our quality policy in accordance with our founding purpose and with a sense of responsibility towards the society and the world.

Within the framework of our "Humanis Quality Policy";
•    We have established the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).
•    In line with our leadership approach, we support our employees in terms of competence, training and change.
•    We ensure the development and implementation of a strategic approach in all contexts relevant to our company.
•    We produce safe, effective and high quality pharmaceutical products.
•    We carry out our production activities by using natural resources and energy resources efficiently with an approach that is conscious of sustainability and environmental protection.
•    We provide appropriate working conditions by meeting Employee Health and Safety standards.
•    We manage processes effectively and blend them with innovative policies in order to continuously improve the quality management system.
•    We continuously review the quality level with the participation of all our employees based on party expectations and satisfaction.


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Information Security Policy

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We ensure the protection of the integrity and confidentiality of information in all units within our company.

Within the framework of the "ISMS (Information Security Management System) Policy" we have positioned in our operations;
•    We are committed to protecting the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information.
•    We follow and implement the national and international regulations of the sector we are affiliated with, and fulfil the legal requirements of the relevant legislation.
•    We fulfil the information security requirements arising from our responsibilities towards our internal and external stakeholders.
•    We ensure that our employees and relevant stakeholders have secure access to information assets within the framework of their authorisations.
•    We assess the risks that may occur on information assets and take the necessary measures.
•    We undertake to apply the sanctions deemed necessary in case of breach of information security.
•    We protect the continuity and sustainability of our business by minimising the impact of information security threats that may affect the continuity of our operations.
•    We keep the awareness of our employees on information security up to date with regular trainings.
•    In order to keep our level of information security consistently high, we regularly review the effectiveness of our system and identify opportunities to improve our performance.


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Humanis Energy Policy

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With the Energy Policy, we aim to make Energy Management System awareness a permanent part of our corporate culture and to create an environmentally and economically sustainable Energy Management in all our activities.

Within the framework of our "Humanis Energy Policy";
•    We regularly inform our employees about the correct use of energy from their first day at our company.
•    We develop systems in which our employees fully participate and use energy resources in the most efficient way without compromising comfort and operations.
•    We integrate our energy management system into our corporate governance practices and continuously review and improve it.
•    With the understanding of the lowest environmental impact, we research, implement and ensure the continuity of methods to reduce our carbon emissions.
•    We utilise all kinds of information, technology and resources to increase energy efficiency in energy consumption and to make it sustainable, and we follow technological developments in this field. We prioritise energy efficiency criteria when purchasing products and services and when making new design and investment choices.
•    We organise training programmes to raise awareness on the protection of natural energy resources throughout our company and play an active role by providing all necessary information, documents and resources for these activities.
•    We act in compliance with national/international legislation and laws, regulations, mandatory standards and other requirements.
•    We establish effective communication and co-operation with all our stakeholders to create common value and beneficial results in Energy Management related issues.

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